Cheap Down Jacket + FREE Polar Fleece Ski Mask

I Let’s be honest about what this is. A ridiculously cheap “90%” duck down jacket and a free polar fleece ski mask / balaclava. Nothing more,I nothing less.

I say “90%” and not 90% because this is the favourite figure among the Chinese merchants that supply the jackets. Whether it is the true ratio, or TBH whether the jackets contain any real duck down at all, I cannot yet verify.


I have tested four jackets thus far and I have also given a jacket to Erika and a vest to Dad. The results are mixed…

The zips are acceptable rather than exceptional but that is expected given the low, low price. Further testing is needed because broken zips are not cool 😐 – I wish the manufacturer(s) had sprung for YKK.

Sizing is tiny, which is pretty standard for Straight Outta Canton. I am usually L or XL but wear a 3XL. Clarified conversions to come.

The down content is not overly concerning. The jackets are warm, lightweight and #sohotrightnow, that is 100% sure. Does it really matter whether it is authentic duck down? Probably, so I will find out, test more zips and update soon.


The ski mask is made from warm yet breathable polar fleece and converts into a lightweight, socially acceptable neck warmer / scarf. Adjustable size.

Pre-order your down jacket + free ski mask for $39 now

Srsly Limited Offer!!!